About us…

Our mission

To give Canadians the tools they need to navigate the world of lending so they can find
the best lending solution that fits their individual needs.

Our Founders

Craig Stephens

Director of operations and development


E-mail: craig@financefinder.ca

Craig has a background in professional web development and a focus on SEO Optimization helping businesses get in front of their customers online through creativity.

Jennifer Hryciuk

Director of lender relations


E-mail: jennifer@financefinder.ca

Jennifer has over five years of underwriting experience in small & medium enterprises, working with clients from non-profit to cannabis and everything between. 

The Finance Finder basics

What is Finance Finder?

We are a financial database of online lenders who focus on helping Canadians get loans online

We simplify Finance

We remove all the fancy financial words and make online lending easy to understand for everyone!

Our Lenders

We display our trusted lenders in a way that shows Canadians what products each lender provides

Secure Application process

Our applications are convenient, easy to understand & our extended validation SSL encryption helps keep data secure!

Application Essentials

We show the important information, like criteria, rates, funding amount and term lengths upfront 

Reduce multiple Applications

We drastically reduce the amount of applications a person would typically have to submit before finding the right lender for their needs!

On approved credit only.Some terms & conditions may apply.Rates & terms subject to change without notice.